Board of Directors

2018 Board of Directors

Nich Nicholas
Nich Nicholas

Business Development Manager, DSM Technology Consultants

Lana Swartzwelder
Lana Swartzwelder
President Elect

Lana Swartzwelder – Class 15

Lana Swartzwelder is a graduate of Class 15.  She is CEO of The Libertore Fund for Children, Inc., ( and President of LJS Learning Solutions, LLC.

She began her career as a teacher and taught for 15 years. She then owned and operated Sylvan Learning Centers for 21 years. After selling Sylvan, she purchased and operated YoungBiz Florida and was also a principal of St. Joseph Academy for 7 years.

Lana has been active in the community for over 30 years and has been recognized for Outstanding Customer Service, as an Outstanding Educator, and a Woman of Distinction.

Cynthia Haffey
Cynthia Haffey
Secretary / Treasurer

Executive Director of Platform Art, Inc.

Cynthia Haffey is a member of Class 23 and the Executive Director of Platform Art, Inc.

Platform Art, Inc., a non-profit cultural arts organization, is a community-conscious collaboration of artisans and art lovers whose ultimate goal is to showcase new and exciting talent in the fields of visual arts, film, fashion, music, and performance.

Ben Mundy
Ben Mundy
Immediate Past President

Principal & Managing Partner, KCMH Architects

Ben Mundy is a member of class 14 and a native of Lakeland. He is principal with KCMH Architects.

Ben has been active in the Lakeland community as a member and past president of the Lakeland Kiwanis Club, has served on several Boards for the City of Lakeland and a current Board member for the City’s CRA.

2018 Class Representatives

Class Representative Class Representative
Class 1 Gene Strickland Class 2 Alice O’Reilly
Class 3 Linda Bagley Wiggs Class 4 Steve Moore
Class 5 Peggy McKeel Class 6
Class 7 Cindy Petterson Class 8 Dave Houston
Class 9 John Griffin Class 10
Class 11 Bill Cloyd Class 12 Grady Judd
Class 13 Dan Fowler Class 14
Class 15 Class 16
Class 17 Matthew Cantrall Class 18 Mike McGee
Class 19 John Loute Class 20 Charlene Vocelle
Class 21 Patrick Fagan Class 22 Pam Craven
Class 23 Class 24 Kelly Andrews
Class 25 Kevin Calkins Class 26 Sarah Case
Class 27 Xuchitl Coso Class 28 Lori Martini
Class 29 Schatzie Haines Class 30 Chrissanne Long
Class 31 Mark Miller Class 32 Brian West
Class 33 Scott MacDonald Class 34 Michael Huff
Class 25 Margarita Alfaro

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