Jere Annis Winners


The Jere Annis Leadership Award was established in 1989 by the Leadership Alumni Association to honor the late Dr. Jere Annis, an organizer of the Leadership Lakeland Program, past president of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce, and Chairman of Leadership Lakeland I and II. Dr. Annis, who died in 1989, was the founder of Watson Clinic.

Any member in good standing may nominate a current Alumnus for the Jere Annis Leadership Award.  Nominations are reviewed by past recipients of this award and select a winner who is announced at the Leadership Lakeland Annual Meeting.  The Leadership Lakeland Alumni Association gives $1000 annually to a local charity selected by the Jere Annis recipient.

The recipient of this award must meet the following criteria:

  • Graduated from the Leadership Lakeland Program
  • Contributed significant community service within the Lakeland area with an emphasis on government, civic, and social service.
  • Created a definite positive impact on the community
  • Involved in the community on a continuous basis.

Recipients by Year

Year Recipient
1989 John T. Cannon III
1990 Hunt Berryman
1991 Terry S. Wilson
1992 T. Lynn Craven
1993 Barney Barnett
1994 Darlene Eanett
1995 Ralph Weeks
1996 Lyonal  B. Lindsey  Jr.
1997 Carol Jenkins Barnett
1998 John A. Attaway, Jr.
1999 Frank O’Reilly
2000 Ronald L. Clark
2001 Ralph “Buddy” Fletcher
2002 Alice O’Reilly
2003 R. Howard Wiggs
2004 Clayton Hollis
2005 Anne Furr
2006 Bill Mutz
2007 Hollis Hooks
2008 Nancy Cattarius
2009 Jack Stephens
2010 Edie Yates
2011 Ed Crenshaw
2012 John Rodda
2013 Steve Bissonnette
2014 Larry Durrence
2015 Gene Strickland
2016 Ihla Sloman
2017 Frank Kendrick
2018 Denise Crenshaw

2019     Steve Madden
2020    Bill Tinsley
2021     Tim Mitchell