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Welcome Leadership Lakeland Graduate!

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Below you will find information about logging into the Member Portal.

Please email email us if you need further assistance.

So what's in the Member Portal?

Some of the great stuff in the Member Portal:

  • Member directory
  • Members share their news
  • Leadership blog
  • Member-to-Member discounts
  • Photo galleries
  • and more…


No problem!

You can download the Membership Signup form here.  Fill it out and mail it to us with your check or credit card information.

Accessing the Member Portal


Your Account.  When you graduate Leadership Lakeland, we automatically set up a login to the Member Portal for you, using your email address and an initial password we assign for you.  You will receive your login information via email from us.  Please retain the info for your records.  If you haven’t received this information, please email us at


Even though you have a login to the Member Portal, only Alumni members with current, paid-up memberships will be able to view the Member’s Only content in the portal.

Without a current paid-up membership, you will see a message with a link to join.

You should join.  Really.


Logging In.  When logging in, you may use your email address in the Username field.  In the Password field, use the password we provided. The login is at the top of this page:


Forgot Your Password?  If you ever forget your password and need it emailed to you, click the Forgot Password link under the Log In button at the top of this page.  Your password will be emailed to the email address you provided to us.


Your Membership.  Once you’ve logged into the Member Portal, you can view your membership status and renew your membership by clicking on the “My Membership Status” link in the right side menu box titled “My LLAA Membership”.


Your Email Address and Contact Info.  You can change your email address and contact information in the right side menu box titled “My LLAA Membership”.  Remember to note your new email address as you will need it next time you log in!


Your Password.  When logging in for the first time, we recommend you change your password.  Remember to note your new password as you’ll need it next time you log in!


Your Profile.  You can edit your profile including uploading a head-shot, volunteer activity, and other information you want share with the alumni.  To maximize the benefits of your membership, we highly recommend you complete your profile. This way, other members can find you and network!


Changed Your Email Address?  If you have changed your email address and no longer have access to your old email address, or you don’t remember what email address you used with Leadership Lakeland, please contact us.